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Hayden Friedrich — BIB, CFP®, RIS, Wealth Specialist, Credential Asset Management Inc.
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Hayden Friedrich


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You plan on retiring: traveling, spending more time with your grandchildren, golfing every morning… But do you have a retirement plan?

If you answered “no” you’re not alone. Many people with hopes to retire find they are short on cash. They also unintentionally cause animosity amongst their children when they lack a succession plan to pass on real estate, land, or a family business.

Creating a Financial Plan

A wealth professional has tools to guide you through the retirement planning process successfully. By creating a financial plan, you can:

  • Allocate your assets fairly,
  • Ensure you and your spouse has the cash flow to support your retirement,
  • Minimize your taxes  

A professional will ensure there are no surprises once you enter retirement, making the transition the positive experience you’ve dreamed it to be.

Retirement and Succession Planning

A sound retirement plan involves all interested parties in the planning process: children, grandchildren, lawyers, and accountants. Each plays an important role in your retirement and succession plan, not only in who will inherit the assets, but also in how the plan will be accomplished. A wealth professional will make sure everyone is on the same page and has your specific goals in mind.

The plan isn’t set in stone. A wealth professional will monitor your plan on an ongoing basis making sure it reflects your changing needs. Markets also fluctuate which can affect your retirement goals. The right professional will meet with you regularly and adjust your plan to keep you on track.

A retirement plan gives you the peace of mind that you will retire when and how you’d like to. It gives you confidence in your future and satisfaction that your legacy will continue. It puts your loved ones’ minds at ease knowing you can finally enjoy the benefits of working hard for so many years. Getting started is as simple as making a phone call. Welcome to retirement. You deserve it.

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