Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority

Credit unions have a history of respecting the privacy our members and customers.  Your Board of Directors has adopted the Credit Union Code for the Protection of Personal Information (“Code”).  We have policies and procedures in place to protect your privacy and your right to control the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information.  

Privacy Code

We follow the 10 Principles of the Credit Union Code for the Protection of Personal Information:
  1. Accountability - We have designated a Privacy Officer who is accountable for our compliance with the principles of the Code.
  2. Identifying Purposes - When we ask you for personal information, we will identify the purposes for which it will be used or disclosed.
  3. Consent - We require your knowledge and express or implied consent for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information.
  4. Limiting Collection - The collection of personal information is limited to the purposes we have identified for you.
  5. Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention - We will use or disclose your personal information only with your express or implied consent, or as required by law. We will retain your information for only as long as is necessary to fulfill identified purposes.
  6. Accuracy - We will keep your information accurate, complete and up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used.
  7. Safeguards - We will protect your personal information with appropriate security safeguards.
  8. Openness - We will make specific, understandable information readily available to you about our personal information policies and practices.
  9. Individual Access - When you request it, we will give you access to your personal information, how we use it and who we disclose it to. You are entitled to question its accuracy, its completeness and its uses.
  10. Challenging Compliance - You are entitled to question the Privacy Officer about our compliance with any of these principles.

See our Protecting your Privacy Brochure for additional details. 

Privacy Online

This information page describes in general terms how your personal information is collected and used within our website.  

Collection of Personal Information Online

We will only collect personal information in a fair and lawful manner.  On our website, we may collect personal information to improve the products and services we offer, to improve our website content, and with your permission, to contact you about our products and services. 

All personal information you share with us on our website is protected by appropriate security safeguards in accordance with our Privacy Code. 

Marketing Communications

With your consent, we may send you email, text messages and other communications about our products or services, or events that may be of interest to you.  You can opt-out of receiving marketing and promotional communications from us by following the unsubscribe instructions. 

Links to Other Sites

Our site contains links to other websites and Internet resources. We do not control how the other sites collect, use and disclose your personal information. We strongly suggest that you always review the Privacy Statements of the sites that you are viewing.

Website Analytics

We may use third parties to for website analytics which helps us gather and analyze information about the areas visited on our website in order to better understand, evaluate and improve the user experience and the convenience of the website.  The information collected by third parties may include your IP address, your browser type and your operating system, as well as data such as the number and types of pages visited, and the length of time spent per page and on the site overall.  

Use of Cookies

We also use a key web technology called cookies on our website. A cookie is a small information token that sits on your computer. As you use this site, cookies are passed back and forth between our server and your browser.

Specifically, we use two kinds of cookies — session cookies and persistent cookies. A session cookie exists only for the length of your browsing session and is deleted when you close your browser. A persistent cookie is a cookie that stays on your computer after you close your browser. A persistent cookie may or may not expire on a given date.

With each page that you visit, the cookie is passed back and forth between our server and your browser. We use the cookie to distinguish your session from the many others that may be happening at the same time. Our session cookies never store any personal information, such as your name, or date of birth, or financial information, such as your accounts and balances.

Most recent browser versions allow you to set some level of control over which cookies are accepted and how your browser uses them. For example, it may be set to notify you when it is receiving a cookie so that you accept cookies from only known, reliable sites such as this one. If you are concerned about cookies, we encourage you to upgrade your browser to a recent version and review the Help section of your browser to learn more about its specific control features.

Online Advertising

We may use third parties such as ad exchanges and data companies to serve advertisements on our website or other websites. These companies may use cookiestracer tags or web beacons to report certain information about your visits to our websites and other websites (such as web pages you visit and your response to ads) in order to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and to deliver ads that are more relevant and tailored to you, both on and off our website. 

Third Parties

Third parties we use for analyticscookies, and advertising include, but are not limited to, Google Analytics, Google Pixels, Google Advertising, Adobe Analytics, and Facebook Pixels. 

The information collected by the third parties may be stored and processed in the US or other jurisdictions.  In the event any personal information is transferred to the US or other jurisdiction, it will be subject to the laws of that jurisdiction.  

Contact Us

Online Form

To communicate with us electronically, we recommend that you use our Contact Us feature. This feature provides a secure channel for sending us comments, questions or instructions. This form captures personal information that we will use to contact you regarding your inquiry (e.g.: name, email address and phone number).  

The third parties we use for analytics, cookies, and advertising, may have the ability to see or access the personal information that is submitted in the form content. You may contact us by telephone if you prefer not to use our Contact Us feature.   


General email is not secure since it passes through many points on its route from you to us. If you are using general email to communicate with us, we strongly recommend that you do not include personal financial information (such as account numbers or balances, birth dates, SINs, etc.) within the email as we cannot guarantee its confidentiality en route to us.

When you email your comments, questions or instructions, you provide us your email address which we use it to correspond with you. We also store your email and our replies for future correspondence.

Privacy Concerns

The Privacy Officer is your point of contact if you wish to raise any matters regarding how we use your personal information.  

The Privacy Officer is responsible for:

  • monitoring information collection
  • reviewing data security,
  • ensuring that other Innovation Wealth employees receive appropriate training on privacy issues and their responsibilities under the Code, and 
  • handling all privacy questions and information access requests under the Code. 

You can contact our Privacy Officer by email or mail 

Privacy Officer
Innovation Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 1090 198 1st Ave NE
Swift Current, SK
S9H 3X3

Telephone: 1-866-446-7001

You may also use our Contact Us form to submit any questions or comments.

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