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Have you been getting the advice and expertise you need? Are your investments right for you? Are your questions being answered? Given the current market environment, do you need to update your plan and make changes?

With the multitude of investment choices and strategies it is normal to wonder if the investments you hold are right for you. Getting a second opinion on an existing portfolio can make all the difference.

Establishing an investment plan involves setting objectives, creating a time frame in which you can achieve them, and deciding on the risk you’re comfortable with in meeting your goals. As time passes, your needs and objectives will change. Major changes in your life such as a career change, marriage, new baby, or home purchase may call for changes to your investment plan.  

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It's easy to maintain a relationship with an organization that continuously meets my needs. - Dwight Iverson

A second opinion allows you to revisit your financial goals and objectives ensuring both effective diversification and alignment with your portfolio.

As the financial market is constantly changing, you may need to diversify in order to reduce risk, especially if you are nearing retirement. A Financial Planner can answer any questions you have and explain all of the investments in your portfolio. It's important for you to understand what you are invested in, and more importantly that you feel comfortable with each product.

Financial Wellness

It all starts with a conversation. We ask questions and listen carefully so we can ensure your plan is right for you. - Michele White, CFP®, Wealth Planner

By reviewing your current investments with a Financial Advisor, you can ensure your investment portfolio matches the lifestyle you have now and the one you hope to lead in the future. You can feel good about your risk-level, your knowledge level, and your income outlook.

A second opinion is offered with no expectations or obligation to transfer. It may give you the clarity you are looking for.

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